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Oct 30, 2023

David has a conversation with author and podcast host Emily Thiroux Threatt, who will take us on a deeply personal and enlightening journey.


Join us as we explore the beautiful island of Maui, a place known for its breathtaking landscapes and romantic allure, but also facing its own unique challenges.


Oct 23, 2023

Exploring the Power of Conversation and Grief: David talks with Carly Midgley who opens up about her deeply personal experience of losing her father to cancer and the challenges she faced in finding the right words to discuss her grief.


A heartfelt and thought-provoking episode that delves into the complex...

Oct 16, 2023

David welcomes special guest Barbara Legere, author of the bestseller Kevin's Choice. Barbara shares her heart-wrenching journey through her son's mental illness, addiction, and ultimately, his tragic suicide.


Barbara also sheds light on the struggles faced by both parents and their children, offering a unique...

Oct 10, 2023

David has a conversation with Mary (Kathy) McDaniel, author of Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat, which is based on a story of her experiences before, during, and after a dark near-death experience.


Kathy takes you on an extraordinary ride from darkness to light, inspiring us to reflect on our own purpose and connection...

Oct 2, 2023

Are you struggling with estate disputes and family feuds?


David has a conversation with mediator Charles Ticker to share invaluable insight and practical advice. 


Discover the secrets to preserving family harmony and protecting your legacy.


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